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Oilfield, Automobile, and Industrial Accidents


Wrongful Death, Serious Personal Injuries, and Workers' Compensation Claims

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Don’t trust your case to out-of-state lawyers. Hire someone who is part of your community and understands the people and problems of our part of the state.

Since 1952, the Stout family has continued to work for the people of Lea County and the Permian Basin to represent the interests of victims in a variety of accident related cases. Mark and Drew pride themselves on being available to you to discuss your case and work with you to develop a winning strategy for your case.



Rig collapses, explosions, falling equipment, well service units, derrick and drilling rig accidents, H2S accidents, OSHA violations, toxic poisoning, gas leaks, fall protection failures, contractor liability, oil operator liability, blowouts, product liability, casing operations, frac jobs, unsafe conditions


Disabilities, quadriplegia, paraplegia, burns, back injuries, blindness, fractures, falls, nerve damage, spinal and traumatic brain injuries, joint injuries, lifting injuries, loss of compensation, punitive damages, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, loss of consortium, permanent impairment, lost earning and earning capacity


Rear-end collisions, rollovers, high speed accidents, tractor trailer (18 wheeler) accidents, motorcycle crashes, railroad and train, negligence, drunk drivers, fatigued drivers, intersection collisions


Industrial, insurance claims, life insurance, disability claims, fires, chemical spills, building, gas explosions, airplane crashes, commercial liability, boating, diving injuries, wrongful death, government and tort claims against school systems, municipalities, state, federal departments, highway defects, and dog bite


How much does an initial consultation cost?
  • Your first consultation is free
What if I do not have any money to hire an attorney?
  • If there is no recovery in your case, then you are not required to pay any fees. In accident cases, all fees are on a contingent basis, and depending on your case, the fees can vary as a percentage of the total amount of damages awarded. The fee structure will be discussed during your initial consultation.
  • Each case is different and no guarantee can be made on the amount or result that can be achieved in any case.
What if I can never work again or am limited on my ability to work?
  • Mark will discuss your individual damages and talk about whether you can collect lost wages and future lost earning.
Do I have to file a lawsuit when I hire a lawyer?
  • No, not all cases have a lawsuit filed. Each case is different and time limitations may require a suit to be filed immediately. However, some automobile and industrial accidents can be settled out-of-court.
What if I was injured out of state?
  • Depending on where the accident occurred and where you reside, you may still be able to file a lawsuit in New Mexico. Regardless, Mark can still discuss your case, and if necessary, he can work with an out-of-state attorney at no additional charge to you.
What are my rights if I was hurt on the job?
  • Most work related injuries are covered by workers’ compensation insurance. There are many requirements under worker’s compensation for giving written notice (15 days), filing claims, medical selection, etc. It is best to talk to a lawyer soon after an accident to make sure that you have properly reported your injury.
  • If another company or party caused your accident, then you may have a negligence lawsuit as well. The best way to know is to discuss your case with a lawyer, like Mark, who handles both workers’ compensation and personal injury cases.


The Stout family has deep roots in Lea County and the rest of our state. Lowell Stout worked as a roughneck to pay his way through college and law school. Lowell practiced law in Hobbs for over 50 years, and his uncle and mentor, Mack Easley, also practiced law in Lea County before serving as the Chief Justice of the New Mexico Supreme Court.

Mark Stout was born and raised in Hobbs, New Mexico, and graduated from Hobbs High School in 1972. He received his undergraduate degree from Southern Methodist University and his law degree from the University of Tulsa. After law school, Mark returned to Hobbs to practice with his father, Lowell Stout, at Stout & Stout Lawyers.

Drew was also born and raised in Hobbs, New Mexico and graduated from Hobbs High School in 2002. He received his undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University and his law degree from Baylor University. Prior to attending law school, Drew worked at the U.S. Capitol for Rep. Harry Teague, Rep. Charles Gonzalez, and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee.

Today, Mark and Drew continue the legacy of Stout & Stout Lawyers and the Stout Family’s service of over 60 years to the people of Lea County and the Permian Basin.

Mark and Drew are licensed members of the New Mexico Bar Association and the American Association for Justice. Mark is also a member of the American Bar Association and the New Mexico Trial Lawyers Association. Mark has practiced in Federal and State Courts in New Mexico. Mark has also worked with attorneys on cases filed in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Colorado and Arizona.