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The oil and gas boom in New Mexico has wreaked havoc on the state’s infrastructure and significantly increased commercial truck traffic along highways in the Hobbs area. N.M. 18, U.S. 62/180, and others have become thoroughfares for oil and gas trucks. Unfortunately, the traffic has also led to a significant increase in collisions and motor vehicle fatalities in the area.

If you or a loved one were involved in a collision with a commercial truck in Hobbs, whether it was an oil and gas vehicle or any other entity, you have likely been left with serious injuries. At Stout & Stout Lawyers, we can help. Our firm has been helping victims of serious injury recover compensation for nearly 70 years. Our attorneys have significant experience handling Hobbs trucking accident cases, including several multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements. We offer a free and confidential case evaluation, so call today to find out how we can help.

Types of Negligent Accident Cases

Accidents with large vehicles can happen almost anywhere and at any time. Here are some of the types of negligent accident cases that the team at Stout and Stout have handled over the years:

Perhaps more than any other type of accident, swift action is incredibly important in Hobbs trucking accident cases. Almost immediately after a collision, trucking companies and their insurers will be at the scene conducting their investigation. Injured victims need an advocate on their side immediately to preserve evidence such as tire tread marks, vehicle black box data, driver logs, vehicle maintenance logs, and other crucial evidence that can be lost or destroyed.

Causes of Big Trucking Accidents

There are several reasons why these large vehicles cause so many accidents. Here are a few of the most common reasons for truck accidents.

Driver Fatigue

Many semis and big rig drivers have to haul cargo long distances and drive for long hours at a time. While there are regulations in place about drive time, many times these are not followed or regulated closely leaving drivers putting in more hours than they should and driving while tired. This dramatically increases the risk of an accident.

Driver Drug Use

Some drivers that have to put in such long hours to reach their destinations on time resort to drug use to stay awake, this can lead to incredibly dangerous circumstances while driving including medical complications, and falling asleep at the wheel once the drugs wear off and more.

Driver Error

No driver is perfect, and while big truck drivers have to pass tests to qualify to drive, there is still a chance they can make mistakes. Taking a turn too wide, driving too fast, and other errors can result in an accident that ends up costing people their lives if not seriously injuring people.

Equipment Malfunction

The equipment that big truck drivers deal with is large and heavy. If any part of the vehicle or trailer they are carrying malfunctions, it can lead to disastrous consequences and victims can be seriously injured as a result.

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