Lea & Eddy County’s Rig Count Benefits Economy But Increases Dangerous & Deadly Trucking Traffic

The Hobbs News Sun reported this week that Lea County, New Mexico’s active drilling rig count totals 71 rigs. This amount places it as the leading active rig county in the entire country and only surpassed by the entire state counts of New Mexico and Texas. Lea County’s total active rig count is around...
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Increase in Pedestrian Traffic Deaths Causes Texas DOT to Warn Drivers About Daylight Savings

Posted on October 5, 2022
This week, the Texas Department of Transportation warned drivers about the risks associated with shorter days and longer nights that come with daylight savings. The department noted that Texas saw a 15% increase in pedestrian traffic fatalities in 2021 and those numbers increased even more in the fall and winter months after the time...
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