Anti-Drunk Driving Campaign Announced by Texas Department of Transportation

Posted on August 26, 2022

This week TXDOT announced a new campaign with local law enforcement departments across the State of Texas to target and arrest drunk drivers.  The campaign hopes to prevent motor vehicle crashes, vehicular manslaughter, as well as motor vehicle crash and accident related fatalities and deaths. The anti-drunk driving campaign will focus on the end of August and early September as Labor Day and the End of Summer are times of the year which have increased drinking activities and drunk driving. In 2021 in Texas alone, there were over 25,000 drunk driving related crashes, more than 1,000 deaths resulting from drunk driving related crashes, and over 2,500 serious bodily injuries resulting from drunk driving related crashes.

Involved in a Crash with a Drunk Driver? Call Stout & Stout Lawyers

If you or someone you know was hurt, injured, or killed in a motor vehicle crash or motor vehicle accident involving a drunk driver, they may have a personal injury claim or wrongful death claim. Not only is drunk driving a crime that carries potential jail time, large fines, and other penalties, but also drunk driving provides the victim of the crash with a possible personal injury or wrongful death insurance claim or lawsuit. If you were injured by a drunk driver or someone you know was killed by a drunk driver, there may be damages available for pain and suffering, loss of consortium, loss of earning capacity, or loss of life itself.

In order to maximize recovery of the damages suffered, contact a local and experienced law firm that handles these cases. Stout & Stout Lawyers has extensive experience with lawsuits and insurance claims against drunk drivers for serious injury or wrongful death against drunk drivers. Stout & Stout Lawyers also has experience with lawsuits and insurance claims against companies or businesses that negligently hired or negligently entrusted a driver with a company vehicle that drove drunk.

Having a loved one killed or seriously injured by a drunk driver is an unfathomable tragedy. While the criminal justice system may or may not sentence the drunk driver to jail time, make sure you go with an experienced local law firm to determine the civil damages available to you or your family. Contact Stout & Stout Lawyers today to discuss your potential case against a drunk driver.