Multi-Car Crash Causes Closing of Highway 285 South of Orla, Texas

Posted on August 19, 2022

According to TXDOT, on the early morning of August 18th, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) state troopers had to close down Highway 285, also known as the “Death Highway,” about 10 miles south of Orla, Texas due to a four car crash and motor vehicle accident.

Highway 285 that spans north and south through Texas and New Mexico and travels through some of the heaviest trafficked areas in the oil and gas industry, including the Delaware Basin. Highway 285 is critical road for the water trucks, frac trucks, and other tractor-trailer and 18 wheelers that work in the Permian Basin and Delaware Basin. The counties of Lea and Eddy County in New Mexico and Reeves, Winkler, and Pecos County in Texas are areas of some of the largest oil and gas and oilfield production in the entire country. Highway 285 goes through major oil and gas town like Carlsbad, Loving, and Malaga in New Mexico before cutting south into Texas and the towns of Orla, Mentone, and Pecos.  


As a result, Highway 285 in the last few years has seen a rise deadly accidents, trucking accidents, head-on collisions, and multi-car crashes resulting in fatalities due to the heavy oilfield traffic in a rural area. Most of the increase in these type crashes and collisions has resulted from the boom in oil and gas production in the areas of Artesia and Carlsbad in Eddy County, New Mexico as well as Pecos, Mentone, Orla, and Kermit in Winkler and Reeves County.

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