New Permian Strategic Partnership Report Highlights Increases in Infrastructure Funding Would Result in Fewer Motor Vehicle Fatalities in the Permian and Delaware Basin

This week the Permian Strategic Partnership (PSP) released a report detailing the massive economic impact the oil and gas industry has and will continue to have on the national economy and also the regional economies of the Permian Basin in West Texas and Southeast New Mexico. The report goes on the focus on the...
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Anti-Drunk Driving Campaign Announced by Texas Department of Transportation

This week TXDOT announced a new campaign with local law enforcement departments across the State of Texas to target and arrest drunk drivers.  The campaign hopes to prevent motor vehicle crashes, vehicular manslaughter, as well as motor vehicle crash and accident related fatalities and deaths. The anti-drunk driving campaign will focus on the end...
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Multi-Car Crash Causes Closing of Highway 285 South of Orla, Texas

According to TXDOT, on the early morning of August 18th, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) state troopers had to close down Highway 285, also known as the “Death Highway,” about 10 miles south of Orla, Texas due to a four car crash and motor vehicle accident. Highway 285 that spans north and...
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Multiple Fatal Crashes in West Texas this August

Last weekend in West Texas, there were at least three trucking and car accident crashes that resulted in the deaths of six people. On August 12, 2022 – A crash occurred on I-20 east of Midland near SCR 1150 in which a tractor trailer (or 18 wheeler) lost control and drove across the median...
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Legalized Marijuana Will Lead To Increased Crashes

Posted on April 1, 2022
Following the legalization of recreational marijuana sales and possession in New Mexico on April 1, 2022, local authorities are preparing for increased motor vehicle collision and crashes, reckless driving, and marijuana based driving while intoxicated (DWIs). As noted in the recent story by KOAT News (See story here -, local law enforcement officers...
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NTSB Vice Chairman Bruce Landsberg says the dangers of underage driving put it on the agency’s “most-wanted list.”

ANDREWS COUNTY, Texas — From the logging roads of the Pacific Northwest to the farm country of the Great Plains and beyond, it's not uncommon for people in rural parts of the U.S. to learn to drive when they're young, sometimes even before they reach their teens. But the news that a 13-year-old was behind the...
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